Kristen in PrettyBallerinas
Kristen in PrettyBallerinas
Kristen in PrettyBallerinas
Kristen in PrettyBallerinas


$ 499.00
$ 499.00
Sacchetto style ballerina Kristen in soft black leather with elastic strap covered in Swarovski crystals, leather sole, insole and lining. Unlike traditional shoe construction, Sacchetto involves stitching the inner lining directly to the sole, eliminating the need for insoles and providing a glove-like fit. This technique ensures maximum flexibility and comfort, allowing the shoe to adapt to the foot's natural movements. The result is a sophisticated and luxurious footwear experience that seamlessly blends style and comfort in every step.
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Pretty sacchetto-style ballerina with a square toe. Inspired by the origins of our company in making ballet flats, Kristen has a sewn interior that adapts the design to everyday life. As comfortable as it gets, it is the glove that your feet deserve.

Patent leather shoe care:

With patent leather shoes there is an important aspect to take into account when storing the shoes in the box: they should not be in direct contact with each other, to avoid the appearance of stains by direct contact. As for the care, it is advisable to apply silicone spray, lightly and not abundantly, and clean them with a dry chamois.

Nappa leather shoe care:

The most recommended way to clean smooth Nappa leather shoes is to lightly apply a cream specific to the tone (or colorless) with a dry chamois.

Suede and split shoe care:

It is important, in the case of suede and split leather shoes, to apply a waterproof protective spray before wearing them. And in the case of stains, it is advisable to apply a very fine sandpaper on the stain, always very carefully. Subsequently, brush the shoe with a natural bristle brush.

Velvet and furry leather shoe care::

With velvet or fur leather shoes, it is very effective to steam them with a dryer, and then comb the material in the direction of the hair, with a natural bristle brush.

Silk shoe care:

Silk is a very delicate material, so any action or treatment must be done with great care. We recommend gently cleaning them with a chamois cloth moistened with mild soap and water, and letting them dry at room temperature

Water-repellent stretch fabric shoe care:

Shoes made of water-repellent stretch fabric should be cleaned with a chamois cloth moistened with soap and water. And let them dry at room temperature.

We hope that these tips will be helpful for you to keep your Pretty Ballerinas in perfect condition. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to advise you on the best possible way to take care of your shoes.

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